Reports with Microsoft Report Builder and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Data is the important essence of today’s modern digital organization.  Understanding data generated by stakeholders help the organization to take important decisions such as sales, marketing, and operational efficiencies. To understand it better consider an example, if one knows customers are coming more from India and very much less from the USA. It will be vital creating a marketing strategy to invest more in the USA, resulting in increasing revenue. Such type of understanding is possible only if modern organizations have the capability to visualize and understand their data in real time. Continue reading “Reports with Microsoft Report Builder and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)”


When I wake-up every morning, I start my day checking Whats app text, viewing the Facebook notification, reading the latest news, checking Instagram followers and trends in twitter. Later some other applications during the course of travel, work and return home. I have my own digital schedule and everyone these days have their own. We all are surrounded by digital gadgets and companies are trying to look more and more different digital adoption pathways. Just ask a simple question to what everything digital has done to us? Continue reading “RETHINK IN A HURDLE OF DIGITAL EVERYTHING”


Digital transformation and technology has made life better and works more productive and efficient. Our standard of living is improving, and with that, as a result, a vast increase in electronic goods is being dumped for waste. Electronic waste or “E-waste” is one of the major concerns for the modern digital world. E-waste refers to electronic goods used and disposed of, such as computer equipment, hard-copy devices, televisions, and mobile devices. Continue reading “KEEP CALM AND RECYCLE E-WASTE”


Buyers always want best, and sellers always race to fit into the “best” pattern. In a hurdle to grow and earn more profits, businesses buy solutions which don’t always fit their ecosystem. This results in many routine operational challenges. Transforming business efficiently in the digital world is most important. This is more important than ever for Australia’s mid-size businesses who are competing in a digitized market. Continue reading “CRM: BEST FIT BUSINESS SOLUTION”