When I wake-up every morning, I start my day checking Whats app text, viewing the Facebook notification, reading the latest news, checking Instagram followers and trends in twitter. Later some other applications during the course of travel, work and return home. I have my own digital schedule and everyone these days have their own. We all are surrounded by digital gadgets and companies are trying to look more and more different digital adoption pathways. Just ask a simple question to what everything digital has done to us?

I may not have a complete or precise answer to that question but being digital have made us more dependent on technology. Digital have made us smart by giving information about things happening in any corner of the world at our fingertip or connecting to someone physical far. But at the same time, it has reduced that human touch. Everyone like using social media and influencing others with social avatars. Spending most of the time looking what others are promoting, sharing, writing, check-in or commenting on social media and trying to imitate. Instead of spending some quality time with the real people around. A handy tip while going for breakfast, lunch or dinner today put a smartphone in the room and then sit on a dining table. You will enjoy that super more with your loved ones. Develop these type of small, small habits and enjoy being surrounded by real social people, instead of chasing a social hero.

Being digital pro has its own advantages and I am not ignoring it. But at the same time, it’s important to relax and give some space and care in the same old 80s way (I haven’t seen 80s). Adopting digital gadgets improperly in routine may develop physical deformities. Using digital gadgets like mobile phones or personal computer excessively may spoil eyes. Always give eyes break after regular intervals, while at the workplace or playing games on it. Maintain proper distance from the bright screen, maintain brightness level best to the surrounding and avoid using bright devices in dark. Maintain proper posture while working at your desk or lying on bed using digital gadgets. Avoid putting laptops on your lap or touching your bare skin. Maintaining sound habits while using digital gadgets may help protect from permanent deformities.

There are many more reasons why we should wisely use all digital devices, I am not a covering them here. I am not supporting #digitaldetox, but trying to let my loved ones emphasize be aware, be safe and have a good life. Let’s catch-up for a drink?


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